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How Do I Save More Money?

If it feels like your paycheck is gone too fast, or if you just want to start saving more money. Here are a couple steps that will help you keep a little more coin in your coffers.

First step is to find out where your money is going, hopefully you have a budget already but if not there are plenty of budget planning software out there (some are even free). Ideally you keep track of everything you spend or take in, and yes that means cash purchases too. do this for a couple of months and you will begin to see patterns and expenses that you may not have realized were there.

Step two is prioritize your new found expenses, even if its a "must pay bill" and "pocket money" categories it will help you to find places to pinch a couple pennies or even find some ways to cut back (do i really need premium cable and Netflix?). This step is important because its going to help us find the money that were eventually going to be saving.

Finally step three is to create a whole new expense, one with quite high priority, well call it "savings" and were going to funnel either as much as we can or a fixed amount into it every week/month what ever our budget plan is. give these steps a try even if its only a little bit savings add up, who knows it might be sooner than you think that next get away happens or you might just have a little extra cash in hand when you need it in an emergency.

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