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New Year Resolutions

2017 is right around the corner, with that being said here are a few helpful suggestions to help get your pocket book on the right track heading into the new year.

Reduce Expenses - creating a budget for monthly expenses is a great way to find extra pocket change or maybe a few extra expenses that you don't think about when you swiped the card. Cutting back on those extra few purchases will add up and better to start early and make it a good habit.

Save More - now that we have a budget and reduced our expenses tuck some of that extra pocket change away, skipping just one candy bar a week can add up to 100 dollars in savings in one year!

Reduce Taxes - this one sounds tough but bear with me, there are plenty of ways to stash cash away in tax-deferred retirement plans so you wont have to pay federal income taxes until you withdraw on them.

Get A Second Opinion - have some ideas about how to balance you finances this year? worried about some obscure tax law and how it affects your bottom dollar? schedule an appointment with us today well be more than happy to go over it with you and help you get started or just check your math, best part is first ones on us!

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